Witty Stemless Wine Glasses

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Each wine glass sold separately.

When guests visit for dinner, you want your table to be more than just chic. Our Witty Winos Collection helps you add a bit of levity to your night. Featuring clever quotes and designs, these stemless wine glasses are both entertaining and sleek. Hold up to 17 ounces of your favorite drink with these durable glasses. Whether you're throwing a party or just enjoying a quiet movie night, have a little wit with your wine and make it a memorable time.

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"Wine Aerobics" Stemless Wine Glass

When you're ready for another session of epic wine aerobics, make sure you have this stemless glass in hand. Feel free to sit or stand for this "exercise."

"Wine Makes People Sound Smart" Stemless Wine Glass

Give your brain cells a buzz with your favorite wine and this sleek stemless glass. It might not actually make you smarter, but it's worth a try, right?

"Drinking Solution" Stemless Wine Glass

This wine glass can't solve all of life's problems, but when paired with your favorite drink, it can offer up a stress-free night.

"Checklist" Wine Glass

Skip the bar! Just follow the handy checklist on this glass, and then you're ready for a cozy night inside.

  • 17 oz. – It's the perfect size for casual sippers as well as more *dedicated * wine lovers.
  • Stemless Base – The glass's shape makes it easy to hold, swirl, and store. There's no fragile stem to worry about when you put down your drink (for a refill, that is).
  • Lead-Free – Enjoy your wine while drinking from a glass that won't absorb aromas. You won't taste anything except the crisp flavor of your drink.
  • Conversation Starter –The witty text and design is great for laughs in the kitchen or on the patio. It's the perfect segue into lighthearted banter with friends and family.   
  • Versatile Design This wine glass is also ideal for holding a cocktail drink. You can even use it as an impromptu vase or tealight holder once your bar has run dry. Here's a tip though: never let your bar run dry.


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