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Broncos and Brie

Broncos and Brie-Home Euphoria


Happy Friday! Game day is quickly approaching so I figured I would share with you one of my game day treats! 

There’s nothing quite better than game day and there’s nothing I love more than cheering on my Denver Broncos! I love being able to watch away games with my friends and I love being able to eat good food! I tend to only snack during the game, probably because of nerves, but there’s nothing better than drinking a glass of wine and putting together a good ol cheese board!

Not only does it add a classy touch to game day but it’s so easy to do! Target has so many good options to make the perfect plate! I pick up three different kinds of cheese; a cheddar, gouda, and brie! I would recommend doing a soft, a semi-soft/hard and then a hard. So the brie is a soft cheese, my sister has always put it in the oven and allowed it to get warm, added honey and then ate apples with it! It’s honestly one of my favorite things to eat! The gouda is a semi-soft cheese and I love adding it to crackers. Lastly, I added an aged cheddar to my board and ate that with crackers and salami. I got the Artisan Series from Target and it’s probably my new holy grail cheddar! It was sooo good! I paired all of this with a red wine from my local liquor store – it was $7.99 – no need for something expensive with this plate! 



Now that you’ve got all the goodies, you just need a way to present them! Let me tell you, a good solid cheese board really brings the whole presentation together! Mine is from Home Euphoria and I love it! It’s got a beveled rim to put the crackers so they don’t go sliding off, it has a hidden drawer for the stainless steel knives! Guys, these knives are no joke, they do a great job of slicing up ANY sort of cheese! This board is also 100% bamboo which is awesome! Make sure you don’t put it in the dishwasher though, it can ruin the wood and let’s be honest, the wood is the main part of the presentation!

The best part about this board – it’s under $40 bucks! While I use mine for game days, you could easily use it for holiday festivities, a girls night and it makes the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays! 

Let me know what your favorite game day snack is! I’m always down to try new foods! 



Guest Blogger: Rachel Vigil (sports broadcaster for WAC)

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