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Affiliate Program

Here at Home Euphoria, we design and sell beautiful, high-quality home goods that are sustainable and functional. We put in extensive research and care into each of our unique products. Our products are perfect for elevating any special occasion and for being apart of happy memories.
We are quickly becoming many home entertainers’ favorite online store. Our durable products that seem to last a lifetime get our customers talking, and they refer our company to their family and friends--which we are so grateful for! Because so many of our sales come from referrals, we want to give back to those who recommend us.
If you have used any of our products at your dinner parties and found yourself referring your friends and family to our website, our affiliate program is perfect for you. We give each of our affiliates a unique URL/code to use. For each sale that is made using your URL/code, you earn 10% of the total sale in commissions!
We are so thankful and excited that you love our products so much that you share them with your family and friends. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please click the button below. We will send you an email once you have been approved, and then you will be set to receive commissions from your referrals!