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Cutest Easter Goodie Board

“April has put a spirit of youth in everything”  William Shakespeare


With spring fully upon us and Easter Sunday around the corner, I felt inspired to create a cute Easter board. With Easter being one of my favorite holidays, I have always made Easter baskets for everyone every year. Even now as empty nesters, I make a yummy Easter basket for my hubby and I to share! This year I challenged myself to do something different and create an Easter board, and boy, did I have fun doing it! I even dyed Easter eggs to include on the board (a little protein to offset all the sugar, haha!). It turned out adorably cute! 

Here’s what I used (I found everything at Target):

  • Edible Easter Grass Nest as a focal point
  • Whopper Eggs (both regular size and mini)
  • Bunny Peeps (yellow and pink)
  • Lindt Chocolates (they had so many cute ones for Easter!) - yellow ducks, carrot umbrellas, bumble bees and lady bug, and of course the 2 chocolate bunnies.
  • Jelly Beans
  • Cadbury Caramel Eggs
  • Sour Patch Bunnies
  • Haribo Happy Hoppers (gummy bunnies & carrots)
  • Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies (2 bunnies, one duck)
  • Wooden Easter Signs
  • Plastic Egg Holders for the dyed Easter Eggs


This was so much fun and so easy to put together! The key to a cute board is picking a focal point (here, the edible Easter grass nest), add a couple small ramekins for loose candy, like jelly beans, then just start placing the others on the board. I usually work in odd numbers (usually 3 of something, sometimes 5) when decorating. For example, this board has 3 cookies, 3 Easter eggs, 3 wooden signs). First and foremost, have fun! And enjoy all the goodies!!


I want to thank Grace for giving me the inspiration to create this Easter board! I love being creative and using my cheese boards in different ways for the holidays. This was a great excuse to indulge in all the yummy Easter goodies as well as to have a reason to dye Easter eggs!


About the Guest Blogger

Lisa Eppel

Lisa is a sommelier with a Level 3 Wine and Spirit Education (WSET) Advanced Certification in Wine by WSET Global. She reviews affordable wine on Instagram and holds fun and easy going virtual wine tasting sessions.