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Ultimate Father’s Day Grazing Board

Ultimate Father’s Day Grazing Board

by Tulsi Patel         

Quick and easy tips on how to put together the Ultimate Father’s Day Grazing board to show the most important men in your life just how much you love them.


          They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, this Father’s Day we're taking that saying to a whole new level by including all of dad’s favorite foods on one perfect platter for sharing. Be warned though, I doubt it'll last longer than ten minutes at any Father’s Day get-together, so don’t be shy to grab what you can before it’s all gone!

          So what components make the ultimate Father’s Day board? A mixture of all things sweet, salty, spicy, and anything you know dad LOVES!

Let’s break it down:


Step 1: The Cheeses 

          This is probably my favorite part of any grazing board. For this board, we went with a mixture of spicy, smoky, and creamy cheeses. Not only does this combination of cheeses make you feel like you're at a real cookout, but it really complements the overall theme of this grazing board.


Step 2: The Meats 

          Whether your dad is a “Grill Master” or simply loves digging into good quality meat, this component of the board is a real winner. I like to use a mixture of cured meats, so for this board we included some thick slices of pepperoni and peppered salami. However, the biggest hit was the BACON, because, well... what dad doesn’t love bacon?!



Some other options when shopping for the meats for your board include:

  • Prosciutto
  • Soppressata
  • Salami
  • Turkey/Ham Slices

Step 3: Dips & Spreads 

          When choosing the ideal dips and spreads to put on your board, the most important thing to remember is how the dips will complement everything else on the board. For our selection of meats and cheeses, we wanted to do things a bit different for dad and include dijon mustard (perfect with some pepperoni), fig jam (the combination with some cheese and bacon is AMAZING), and last but not least, some truffle hot sauce- a crowd favorite!

Step 4: Fruits & Veggies 

          There's nothing like fresh and dried fruit to really brighten up your board and give it that WOW factor! The crunch of some of dad’s favorite veggies from the garden or the local farmers market are sure to bring this board to life. My favorite component on this board are the Turkish dried apricots; they brought home the gold medal for our ultimate Father’s Day board!



Step 5: The Crunch 

          When choosing the perfect “crunch” component on this Father’s Day board, we went with lightly salted pistachios, twisted cheese sticks, and parmesan crisps. This step is a chance to grab some of dad’s favorite snacks out of the pantry and throw them on the board for him to enjoy, guilt-free!

Step 6: Sweets

          The best and last part to satisfy dad with our ultimate Father’s Day grazing board is with something sweet! There are no limits to this step so grab dad's favorite chocolates and candies and spread something sweet all around for everyone to enjoy! We used white chocolate covered pretzels, and a mixture of some white and dark chocolates.

          By following these six easy steps, your Father’s Day grazing board is sure to win over dad and the rest of the family! Not only is this gift fun to make, allowing you to use your creativity, it beats the traditional and sometimes overdone Father’s Day gifts by a long shot. There's no right or wrong way when creating the ultimate board for the men you love in your life, so feel free to switch up the ingredients with items that make it unique!

          If you make your own snack board for Father’s Day, be sure to snap a pic and tag @spreadgathergraze and @homeuphoria on Instagram and Facebook, so we can see your creations.

Happy Father’s Day!