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4 Perfect Wine All Day Bachelorette Party Ideas!

4 Perfect Wine All Day Bachelorette Party Ideas!-Home Euphoria

So your BFF is walking along the aisle to matrimony and as her MOF you want to give her the best Bachelorette Party ever! All of her friends know that she deserves to be celebrated and pampered before the BIG DAY.

So here are the list of the best things you can do for the Bride who loves wine:


1. Give your Bride an unforgettable party in Napa Valley with the Vino Van included.

Nothing beats wine tasting with your gals but actually having a van that’s full of the best Napa Valley wine will be so fun especially if you Airbnb a casita with a pool. Imagine creating memories with your BFF that will be cherished forever before giving her to the man of her life.

Also, think of how adorable it would be to see your group taking pictures with the Vino Van? I mean, hello!, IG stories and #makeyourownhashtag. You can even create a swag bag for the other Bridesmaids which could include a custom wine glass, hangover essentials and an Instax for photo collectibles.


 2. Wine tasting while enjoying the views from the Napa Valley Train.

Who will say no to a free ride in the best wine country with your best girl friends? This train ride offers a different kind of wine tasting and runs service from morning to evening. Remember to skip breakfast at the hotel because they serve great farm to table Napa Valley brunch onboard. Also, don’t miss out on their delicious Stags Leap Winery Chardonnay 2014.


3. Hire a Personal Sommelier for your #girlsquad.

What better way to learn more about local native men…err wine than with an expert guide? Hiring a cute one is always a good treat ;p

Make a schedule on when or where you want to do wine tastings with the ladies preferably 2 months in advance. A sommelier can show you the right way to appreciate wine and allowing you to focus on the fun part. Alternatively, look into wine tours. There are tons of companies who are willing to provide these kinds of personalized services.


4. Host a La Vie Boheme Wine & Cheese Picnic Party!

Find a winery or local park near you, where you can bring your friends and host a fun Champagne brunch (bottomless mimosas anyone?) or a Rosé happy hour with your tribe. Ask your girls to wear their favorite flower crowns and get dressed in Boho fashion. It might also be a good idea to hire a local acoustic singer!

 Don’t forget to bring rugs, pillows, fluffy throws and an amazing picnic spread which features a large cheese board (You can buy it here)! For late afternoon shindigs, battery operated string lights will add a touch of magic which makes for an IG worthy chic decor.

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