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Best wine for 4th of July

Best wine for 4th of July-Home Euphoria

The 4th of July parade is just a day away, and that means the countdown is starting and this is not just your typical parade, it is a family-friendly event for this summer. They entertain new guests by waving the flags and showing off their decoration, festival attire, and the best food and wine.

Did you know that the 50 states of America have a list of the best winery in the world? It all started in Zinfandel a grapevine that is unique and special in America, a national grapevine that is found in Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and was propagated back in 1820.

In any case, here are our recommendation of America's strong and brave wines for this coming Independence Day: 


1. American Wine:  Across the USA

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Did you know that the American Wine industry is almost 50 years old. It started in the early 1800s in Virginia and California and been banned in the year 1920’s - early 30’s and its relaunched again in 1960. During that time some Americans preferred European wines like Champagne and Bordeaux. Today, not only we have a finest red and white wines, but also sparkling wines made only in the United States that a lot of people around the world love.


2. Blend 786: Illinois

The Illinois wine is made up to 100% of grown grapes from the country itself. The uniqueness of this wine is that it made up of mixed Chambourcin, Frontenac Gris, and St. Pepin. It turns out a perfect wine for the cold weather of the Midwest. It is perfect for bright crafting, fresh wine with crisp acidity and it is lively. Even the late US President first lady Michelle Obama named the Blend 786 wine to the USS Illinois Submarine, (how cool is that?)


3. Chandon Limited Edition Brut Classic: California

Going back to our roots in Napa this summer. And we can't forget to bring the Chandon American Summer Limited Edition bottles. Chandon is a California made champagne house of Moet & Chandon. The maker of the said brand is one of the best in making champagne and it also runs in her sparkly classy blood. Not only they release a lot of high-class wine, they also make limited edition bottles every summer (wow, right?), with its finest taste, it is also fun and festive. I know that you will never be missed to have this in your table on the 4th of July.


5. Gruet: New Mexico

One of the best American bubblies wine comes from New Mexico. The Gruet Family are the operators of champagne house Gruet & Fils, they were on vacation when they made their wine. In 1984 they planted their first vineyard and up to today, they are still the finest winery worldwide.

So what do you choose from our top recommendation of wines and champagne this coming 4th of July? Share this post on Facebook and know what your friends pick :)



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