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Favorite Movies for Wine Lovers on Amazon and Netflix

Favorite Movies for Wine Lovers on Amazon and Netflix-Home Euphoria

If you’re having a bad day or a busy week, Netflix and chill (family or friends optional) with your favorite wine is the best therapy there is. 

Start with a delicious appetizer like a charcuterie or cheese platter served on a 100-percent natural bamboo cheeseboard from Home Euphoria paired with some delicious red wine fresh from a decanter.

So without further ado, here are our 6 favorite movies on Amazon and Netflix: 

1. Drinking Buddies (2013)


We always need drinking buddies right? So we’re not alone while sipping our favorite wine, beer, or cocktail. The movie starts with an awkward relationship moment of every character and shows them throughout trying to hilariously figure out what they really want out of life.  if you want to find out what happens to them.


2. Somm (2012)

Have you ever fantasized being a sommelier or wonder how it’s like to be one? There’s a lot of sommeliers in the world but did you know how this profession started? This film will answer all your questions while it documents four people on their journey to become a Master of Sommelier. Warning: this movie may give you a passion to know more about wine (and spend more on it). Here’s a link to it:


3. High-Rise (2015)


For the woman who loves to sit back, relax and drink her favorite red wine while watching Tom Hiddleston naked- then this movie is for you. A 1975 adaptation of a novel written by J.G. Ballard, the story revolves around luxury high-rise residency with a twist of violent chaos. It explores (disturbing?) aspects of modern technology and social living.


4. Sideways (2004)

This iconic movie inspired a lot of people to drink wine and take road trips with friends (and hopefully not cheat). Since the release of Sideways, Pinot Noir sales went up and it gave California wineries a big break. It also accidentally killed the Merlot industry in the process. All this aside, this film truly showcases the beauty of Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa. When you watch this movie, how you drink wine will change.


5.  Cement Suitcase (2013)



So maybe you have a dream job at a “winery tasting room” but you have the worst life ever! What will you choose? Then suddenly things change when you meet your soon to be bff who shows you how to have fun. This unique quirky and seize the day comedy movie will take you to a Hollywood favorite spot (and maybe yours in the future too), the beautiful California wine country all the way to the lesser known Yakima Valley in Washington. It’s an enjoyable “non-romantic” comedy with the best sceneries for vinophiles.


6. Mama Mia

A stage musical in London turned into a movie with a big cast of Hollywood royalties like Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan mixed in with wall-to-wall ABBA songs! If you love their songs then we're right on track with this recommendation :) Any story which includes three handsome hunky men and lots of romantic twists during a wedding is a must-see, right? Have your best gal pals over and prepare the champagne- oh and lots of chocolate.

If you’re not a lover of wine, don’t you worry because these movies are also great with cocktails, beer, and champagne (we think those are wines too ;) ).

Do you have a movie recommendation that goes best with wine? Let us know in the comments below!



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