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How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board

How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board-Home Euphoria

How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board

You don’t have to be a professional chef to assemble a cheese board that looks and tastes like a culinary masterpiece. Below is your ultimate guide for creating a perfect cheese board. Enjoy!

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Per serving: If your cheese board is being served as an hors d’oeuvre, plan for 1 to 1.5 ounces of each type per person. If you’re serving it as a light meal, plan for 2 to 3 ounces of each type of cheese per person.

Choose an odd number of cheeses, such as five or seven, depending on the number of people you’re serving. An odd number of cheeses balanced around the board will make it visually appealing.


Provide a variety of flavors that complement one another. Try a combination of aged, soft, firm and blue cheeses. Another option is to use cheeses made from various types of milk, such as goat, sheep, or buffalo cheese, as well as traditional cow’s milk cheese. 


Here are some suggestions for flavor variety on a cheese board.

  • Aged Havarti. Aged Havarti is an excellent option for heightening the enjoyment of a cheese plate. Mild and buttery in flavor, this well-matured cheese has a delicate, crystalline structure that forms during its long maturation period, creating a crunchy surprise that’s delightfully delicious.
  • Triple Crème Cheese. The softest of cheeses, triple crème cheese is extremely soft and spreadable. It is easy on the palate and pairs with a wide variety of foods, making it a great addition to any cheese board.
  • Blue. Blue cheese, such as Danish Blue, is a full-flavor variety that has a wonderful “bite,” with characteristically tangy notes of blue balanced by sweet and salty undertones.
  • Cheddar. A firm Cheddar is a cheese plate staple. With a sharp, pungent and often earthy flavor, this cheese brings a unique aspect to the cheese board and also a little color.
  • Chèvre. This goat-milk-based cheese with a tart, earthy flavor gives your guests the opportunity to be more adventurous and try something new.


The perfect cheese board includes a variety of delicious accompaniments that allow the palate to appreciate the taste of the cheese.

Consider four main types of pairings:

  • Bread. Flatbread, grilled crostini, crackers, baguette
  • Sweet. Figs, apricots, honey, berry preserves
  • Savory/Salty. Marcona almonds, cashews, Kalamata olives, spicy mustard
  • Charcuterie. White wine salami, prosciutto, pork pâté, Andouille sausage

All of these cheeses are readily available in the specialty cheese section at your local grocery store. If you wish to venture further, you can also find a wide selection of options at specialty cheese shops.


Using a quality board such as our 100% Natural Bamboo Cheese Board will add to the visual appeal of your cheese board creation. Our design allows you to be creative, it's varied surface will add depth and dimension to your food presentation.  It's also eco-friendly, chemical-free, and an elegant addition to your entertaining essentials with its natural warm finish and wood grain. 

What's unique about our cheese board is that it features a hidden slide-out cutlery drawer and a beveled serving rim to hold your crackers, bread, fruits, nuts or charcuterie. Quickly access the recessed stainless steel knives with matching easy-grip bamboo handles. No more scrambling around for your knives or dealing with washing different plates or boards. It's compact, easy to clean and store.

Arrange the flavors from mildest to strongest in a clockwise pattern on the board. Identify the name of each cheese, whether you write it directly on the board, on a paper stand beside it, or on wooden or porcelain markers made especially for this purpose.

Set out pre-cut cheeses about 30 minutes before serving, so the aromas and flavors can fully come to life.


*Our cheese board features a hidden drawer which comes with four stainless steel knives. It can be re-inserted in reverse (as shown in this photo) to hold it in place when in not in use. No need for extra platters!


Since you’ll have a variety of cheeses, it’s a good idea to provide a variety of knives:

  • A slicer for hard and semi-hard cheeses like Cheddar and Havarti
  • An open-work blade knife with holes in it so soft cheeses, like free, are less likely to stick to the knife
  • A paring knife, which works well for just about all types of cheese

In addition to sliced cheese, vary the format of the cheese you serve by making rustic crumbles. Take a knife to a block of cheese, push it halfway through, and then twist the knife to pull out the crumbles.

Pre-cut a few slices of crumbles of each cheese type, so people will know how to cut each particular type of cheese themselves, should they not be familiar with it. Also set out at least one knife per cheese type, as well as a few cheese forks for your guests to use.


To keep the leftover cheese fresh, it is essential to store it properly so it retains moisture and flavor and doesn’t absorb other flavors from the refrigerator. Package the different cheese varieties as follows:

  • Blue cheese. Wrap it in aluminum foil, then plastic wrap.
  • Aged Havarti and hard cheeses. Wrap in parchment, waxed paper or Formaticum professional cheese paper, followed by a layer of plastic wrap.
  • Soft cheeses. Store in a resealable plastic container.

Always wrap cheese separately, rather than wrapping together blue cheese with Havarti, for example, to maintain each cheese’s unique flavor profile.


BONUS: Add herbs for garnish like rosemary, tarragon or sage. This will make the board look more festive and the green color makes a beautiful contrast.

By following this guide, you can bring out your inner gourmet and create a cheese board that delights your guests and takes them on an exciting culinary adventure.


Just made an amazing cheese board? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @homeuphoria and type in the hashtag #perfectcheeseboard, we'd love to share your masterpiece with the rest of our community!


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