November 09, 2017

Our secret is finally out- we've come up with a new way to enjoy your vino with your queso!

If there's one thing we don't like about enjoying wine with cheese is the tedious prep time and the dreaded cleanup -  first, we have to go through kitchen drawers to find our tiny cheese knives. Then we have to wash the different platters and cutting boards that we used for crackers, fruits, bread and, of course, the cheese. Honestly, after everything is done it kinda feels like we spend more time on chores than chilling out with family or friends.

This is why the Home Euphoria team came up with something pretty cool. 

Want to know what it is?

A spacious bamboo cheese board with beveled rims and a hidden drawer!

After hours in our lab (meaning our kitchen), we've come up with the perfect cheese board for relaxing, celebrating and entertaining. Aside from the wide cheese display that doubles as a cutting surface, we designed beveled rims to hold all your crackers, sliced bread or cured meats in one place. We also added a built-in slide-out drawer which comes with 4 stainless steel knives for easy access and storage. Finally, we chose to make it from bamboo since it's eco-friendly, chemical-free and easy to clean.  

Wow right?  Come take a look at the photo below! 

If you want to effortlessly entertain in style, you'll want to pick this up today! 

Did we tell you that this cheese board makes for an amazing and thoughtful gift? 🎁🎄😍


-Your friends at Home Euphoria

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